Not getting any of our emails?

We have been informed by a few people that they used to get our emails and then suddenly stopped receiving them. We can assure you, that unless you asked us to remove you from our email list, we have not deleted you. 

Unfortunately, this is becoming an increasing issue with our software provider and to try and overcome the issue we have made the difficult decision to use a new provider. What does this mean for you? Well, hopefully you will receive our emails. Those emails may look and feel a little different to what they used to but they are still from us. 


Emails from us will come either from one of three possible email addresses. Please make sure you have these saved in your 'safe sender' list within your registered email account so that they don't get unfairly treated as SPAM by your internet service provider.

If you are unsure how to do this, simply type into the Google search bar 'how to add a safe sender in...' and Google will return a step by step guide for whichever email provider you are using. 

Getting some emails but not all?

We love how excited you are to participate and provide feedback but the reality is, not every project will reach your inbox. It is nothing to worry about.


To avoid sending you emails all the time, we have the ability to filter the invite list based on key criteria provided by you when you registered. Not only that, there are a large number of people who are waiting to take part in our exciting and fun projects.


If you need to update your contact details, please email with the relevant details and we will ensure the database is kept up to date so that we can reach you. 

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From time to time we also advertise new projects through our Facebook page so make sure that you are following @hotresearchmelbourne or click on the Facebook icon to the left to be taken directly to the page.